Understanding the IT buyer,
positioning products and solutions,
and arming the sales team to close sales faster.

About ResearchCorp.

ResearchCorp. has developed a strict research methodology, based on discovery during the past 20 years of work with technology clients of all sizes. Our core focus is leading companies through a project based approach inclussive of establishing goals, development, execution, analysis, and "finding" summation reporting of online focus groups, telephone surveys and in-depth one-on-one interviews for clients around the world.

Our research projects have helped clients:

  • Position themselves as a category thought leader
  • Develop products and features that customers value
  • Determine pricing structures based on customer type, channel, and perceived value
  • Develop and substantiate appropriate marketing vehicles to reach their audience
  • Increase customer satisfaction and support
  • Increase the number of qualified sales leads
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Support sales teams with referencible data points.
  • Understand the "ideal" strategic partners
  • Grow market share and customer mind share

ResearchCorp. uses a tested process, ensuring we interview the people who can give us the data our clients need. Our team levearages a combination of in person, phone and online focus group research conducted world-wide, enabling us to interpret the data, and present top-level summary and detailed reports with recommendations - usually in a timeframe of 4 to 6 weeks.