ResearchCorp provides custom market analysis to assist technology firms in developing a better understanding of their customers on a strategic level for improved product and marketing decisions and results.

ResearchCorp provides expert research and professional consulting utilizing survey technology and data analysis to produce customized reports that address your specific topics of interest. Our expertise covers all technology sectors and topics ranging from messaging continuity to Web content management. Whether you are an IT or Marketing/Strategy Professional, we can customize a research approach for you.


Email Application Continuity — top IT professionals share their experiences in ensuring non-stop messaging. This report reveals 90% have experienced challenges. What lessons have they learned?

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The Value of Online Communities — this report is based on a survey of top IT professionals regarding the value and impact that online communities deliver when addressing systems management issues using community-based information.

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In this study of 361 marketing and IT professionals, you will get the answers to questions about current approaches and preferences for Web content management systems and the common issues experienced with these systems.

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